The TT8 project is the result of an ambitious and well-defined goal: to concentrate quality, style, comfort and versatility in a 7.4-metre Rhib, leading us to define it as a SUT, Sport Utility Tender.
The boat is built completely through the vacuum resin infusion process, ensuring a 30% of weight reduction and 100% increase in strength, compared to a traditional laminated boat of the same size.
The single engine, with a maximum installable power of 300 horsepower, leaves room for two large aft platforms, able to accommodate a comfortable retractable ladder, as well as a stern anchor and support for an auxiliary engine that can be installed, if necessary, through a removable handling system.
The boat is equipped with a large dinette area, both forward and aft, which can be modulated into various functions.
The afterpeak, if required, can accommodate an electric toilet.

We are pleased to present the new Top Tenders Rhib, the TT8 model.

The bow tubular can be integrated with a fiberglass structure, equipped with a retractable cleat, providing elegance and functionality.
Finally, the TT8 offers the possibility of being fitted with a specially designed roll-bar and/or T-top.
A of solar panels system can be installed on the T-Top to support the electrical efficiency and preserve the environment.
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